Corbett Backs Gambling In Bars, But Most Opposed To Online Betting

Sands Atlantic City

Sands Atlantic City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Republican Governor Tom Corbett is supporting gambling in bars in Pennsylvania. However, in a separate survey commissioned by Las Vegas Sands, most respondents said they were opposed to gambling online. Not all agree, in particular European based betting websites desparate to move into the US market continue to pressure US politicians to lobby for the online gambling bill to be passed.

We take a look at all the latest news on the pros and cons of the online betting debate.

Gov. Tom Corbett’s support for legislation to allow gambling in Pennsylvania’s bars doesn’t mean he’s abandoning support for plans to expand the lottery to include keno in bars. Corbett spokesman Jay Pagni said Oct. 25 that both games could appeal to bar owners. Both games also could provide a new source of money to help full holes in next year’s budget.


In Las Vegas, a national survey confirms that most people actually disagree with the proposal to legalize online betting. Critics will point to the fact that Las Vegas is always likely to oppose the move, which will mean people can gamble from their own homes rather than having to visit their city. What impact this might have on the multi-billion dollar Vegas gaming industry is unclear.

A national survey conducted on behalf of Las Vegas Sands Corp. found that 67 percent of those questioned are opposed to legalizing Internet gaming.

Source: RGT Online

But prominent online betting sites, unsurprisingly, back the proposal. Jane Jones of the website Latest Betting Offers feels that it is high time America joined Europe in allowing its citizens to choose for themselves whether they want to engage in online betting or now.

Online betting is happening whether governments like it or not. It makes perfect sense to legalize and regulate the industry, in order to ensure that local gaming regulations are followed and the proceeds are taxable.

Source: Jane Jones,

Following previous criticisms, we are committed to presenting both sides of the argument in a balanced way. The opinion of the CPAC is obvious, however with prominent Republican figures endorsing the expansion of gambling in bars, how long before it spreads to the internet whether we and the majority of people like it or not?

New Jersey Gambling Battle Goes To Federal Court

Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook during Super Bowl XLII

Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook during Super Bowl XLII (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story is set to run on and on. New Jersey wants a piece of the $500 billion online sports betting industry, and has gone to court to get it.

Currently, sports betting is legal in Nevada but New Jersey looks set to join the party if Governor Chris Christie gets his way.

The following NBC News article gives full details on this story:

Gambling on sports is legal in Nevada, where the Las Vegas casino sports books hum with activity under the glow of giant boards that show the point spreads. Just about everywhere else, it’s a black market, right down to the office football pool.

Now New Jersey wants a piece of the action — and it’s waging a court battle that could reshape sports betting across the country.

At stake is the staggering amount of money, up to $500 billion by some estimates, that Americans wager on sports every year. Only about 1 percent of it is legal. The rest is unregulated, leaving billions of dollars in potential tax revenue on the table.

Full Story: New Jersey wages federal court battle to allow gambling on sports

Bookmakers Make Clinton White House Favorite

Hilary Clinton in the night of the midterm ele...

Hilary Clinton must not win in 2016! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for Republicans to unite. We need to act fast and do the right thing for America. Otherwise, the Democrats will get another term – that’s according to international bookmaker Ladbrokes, who make Hilary Clinton the 3/1 favorite to win the 2016 US Presidential election.

It seems incredible that America would seek to repeat the mistakes made in the last two campaigns, however the saying is that online bookmakers rarely get it wrong. The full odds for the 2016 Election Winner betting market are as follows:

  • Hillary Clinton 3/1
  • Marco Rubio 10/1
  • Paul Ryan 12/1
  • Chris Christie 14/1
  • Jeb Bush 16/1

The good news is that we have 3 years to get our act together and make sure this does not happen. We honestly believe that America cannot survive 3 consecutive terms from a Democratic president.

So please, whoever you are and whatever you do, you need to redouble your campaigning starting now, so that in 2016 we can return a Republican to the White House.

Obama’s Tax Tyranny Is Upon Us As Of January – Fight Now!

English: Official photo of Congressman Jerry M...

English: Official photo of Congressman Jerry McNerney (D–Pleasanton) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many Americans still have no clue at what is about to happen in the United States in 2013. The powers that be in Washington D.C. have done everything possible to collapse the entire system. Here is yet another example of why and how.

Tax tyranny is upon us

You see, while he was ramming through the health care bill, Harry Reid hid in its 2,500 pages of related gibberish, a provision requiring all businesses – big, small and even sole proprietorships – to file a 1099 form reporting every purchase of $600 or more from every vendor – including small purchases adding up to $600 or more. This is complete insanity.

If ever there was a time to stand up for America, the time is now. Every business is about to be attacked by Obama and the IRS. You will have to verify social security and tax id numbers for every $600. This is an absolute total disaster and all a part of the illegal Obama Care that was just signed into law by Obama. It is designed to make the cost of business skyrocket and force you to go out of business or fire employees or lower salaries. Read More

Join us here at the Tea Party CPAC and help us rid our nation of as many Progressives and Marxists in the Democratic Party as possible.

America deserves better.

Help AmeriPAC Take Back Congress and Defeat the following list of 30 Radical Liberals that Conspired Against Voters and Forced ObamaCare on America. We Must Reduce Taxes – Stop Deficit Spending – Balance the Budget – STOP the Cap & Trade Energy Tax and Create Jobs.

AZ-5 Harry Mitchell, AZ-8 Gabrielle Giffords, CA-11 Jerry McNerney, CO-3 John Salazar, CO-4 Betsey Markey, FL-8 Alan Grayson, FL-24 Suzanne Kosmas, ID-1 Walter Minnick, IN-9 Baron Hill, MD-1 Frank Kratovil, MI-7 Mark Schauer, NH-1 Shea-Porter, NJ-3 John Adler, NM-2 Harry Teague, NY-1 Tim Bishop, NY-13 Mike McMahon, NY-19 John Hall, NY-23 Bill Owens, NY-24 Mike Arcuri, ND at large Pomeroy, OH-1 Steve Dreihaus, OH-13 Betty Sutton, OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy, PA-8 Patrick Murphy, PA-11 Paul Kanjorski, SC-5 John Spratt, TX-17 Chet Edwards, WI-8 Steve Kagen, WA -1 Jay Inslee, WV-1 Mollohan

The November 2010 elections are a national referendum on Obama and the Democrats legislative plan to socialize America with a liberal agenda. We must complete the job that Republican Scott Brown’s Senate election in MA started and change the entire balance of power in Washington. WE MUST NOT STOP – WE CANNOT STOP AND GIVE INTO THE CORRUPTION

It will take a national effort to take back Congress. After Scott Brown’s election many people said they wished they could have voted for him but they could not because they did not live in MA. We heard you and AmeriPAC’s nationalized FIRE CONGRESS PETITION campaign will let you vote NOW and is targeting local races with national support that can change the direction of Washington and STOP OBAMA and his big government politicians.

The FIRE CONGRESS PETITION campaign needs your donation to:

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Tell ALL 261 Democrat/Independent Representatives, Blue Dog Democrats AND Obama Their Pink Slip Is Scheduled For November 2010.
Select Here To – Vote NOW – FAX NOW – FIRE CONGRESS

So what can you do? It’s really very simple. Commit to vote now and often all the way to November with your donations and fax petitions to replace those big government politicians! How do we do it? By sending local conservative Republican candidates the funds they need on a national scale with the support they need from Americans like you. You can vote in every state and every election and help AmeriPAC send support where it is needed to bring real change to America.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat majority used bribes, lies, tricks, threats and the new Democrat policy of mass political destruction to pollute America with the foul stench of Obama’s brand of political change. Obama you can keep that change we do not want it.

It is clear that Democrats are running a government that is broken. To keep themselves in power Democrats have implemented a strategy to divide and conquer conservatives. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrat Congress have rejected American voters and are attacking any conservative opposition and even feeding on the members of their own party. Democrats have failed to govern, becoming true dictators as they lie, cheat and deal away Democracy to push a Progressive Socialist Liberal Agenda. Obama defied voters and betrayed America by ramming ObamaCare through Congress and this is not the change we are looking for. The FIRE CONGRESS PETITION brings conservatives together to nationally support local candidates and take back America.

AmeriPAC’s national effort to stop the destructive power grabs of ObamaCare is now being directed at the November elections. You sent millions of faxes to Congress and they refused to listen. Now WE MUST NOT STOP – WE CANNOT STOP AND GIVE INTO THE CORRUPTION. We need you to donate regularly every week or month with the same commitment to candidates that are listening and help AmeriPAC give the maximum support we can to every candidate that will pledge to take back America.

A nationalized strategy for the November elections will restore control of the House and Senate to the people not politicians. Elections are no longer just local and AmeriPAC is supporting candidates all across the United States to clean up the stench of Washington, DC’s federal corruption.

Vote NOW – Send Your Donation – Clean House Send Any amount – $1000, $500, $100 or even $25 will help us fight the battle to take back Congress.

It’s time we stood up and said enough is enough! VOTE NOW in every state and every election by helping AmeriPAC send support where it is needed.

Please join us with your AmeriPAC donation TODAY. Thank you.

Congressional Candidates That Urgently Need Your Help

It is time for us to win one for the Gipper and for America to complete the Reagan Revolution

November 2 May Very Well Be The Last Free Elections In America

English: Official portrait of Congressman Lou ...

English: Official portrait of Congressman Lou Barletta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t let this be America’s end. Help us and help yourself. The following candidates need your direct support. You do not need to contribute to the Tea Party CPAC. Please find it within yourself to help these fine candidates. It matters not that they are not your direct representative. What matters is we defeat as many Socialists, Marxists and Progressives as possible on November 2. We here at the Tea Party CPAC stand by all Conservative candidates in the hopes that our children and grandchildren will forever live in the greatest nation to ever exist on Earth.

Dick Morris And Eileen McGann Have Some Ideas

See Congressional Candidates That Urgently Need Your Help for more details. Here is an excerpt from Dick Morris on his choices that need your help now.

I am closely monitoring thirty five House races and want to send you updates every week or so on the ones that most need your help. The most recent list is enclosed below. It has three new candidates: Rob Steele in Michigan, Morgan Philpot in Utah, and Mike Keown in Georgia. And it still has on it a number of candidates from the previous list who still need plenty of help. Everyone on this list can win. They just need your help.

Every dollar counts and freedom hangs in the balance. We need good people in Congress to fight Obama and Pelosi’s agenda.

Other Conservative Candidates That Need Your Help

Rick Crawford in Arkansas’s 1st district (Please click name to help each candidate win on Nov 2)
Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania’s 11th district
Dave Schweikert, Arizona’s 5th district
Randy Hultgren in Illinois’s 14th district
Martha Roby, Alabama’s 2nd district
David Harmer, California’s 11th district
Jackie Walorski, Indiana’s 2nd district
Larry Bucshon, Indiana’s 8th district
Todd Young, Indiana’s 9th district
Andy Barr, Kentucky’s 6th district
Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi’s 1st district
Chris Gibson, New York’s 20th district
Renee Ellmers, North Carolina’s 2nd district
Kristi Noem, South Dakota’s at-large district
Morgan Griffith, Virginia’s 9th district
Steve Southerland, Florida’s 2nd district

National Review Online has a most excellent resource in this article for those of you who have the ability to help your fellow Patriots get elected. As stated by many this is the most important election in over 100 years. Please…if you have a few dollars give to any or all of the above. Even $100 or $20 can make the difference as your efforts compound and add with others like the Tea party Conservative Political Action Committee.

Make The Time And Sacrifice. America Need You Now

Please click on any of the links above and contribute to these candidates. America needs them in office rather than their Socialist counterparts. All of whom voted to end our Constitution and actually tell us Americans that we are no longer citizens unless we buy and do whatever they say. Under penalty of fine and jail.

What country do the Democrats think this is?

We have all had it. Not just with the Marxists and Socialists in the Democratic party, but also the RINOs and Rove like minions of the Republicans as well. What we of the Tea Party movement do now in this election and all elections to follow will have the greatest impact on freedom that America has ever seen.

Turn Your Garage Into Something Usable

Lately increasing numbers of people are using their garage for other things apart from parking their car. The first stage of this was most likely when people started to see the garage as somewhere to store items to create space within the home. This can be a good plan as long as you keep the area tidy and dispose of anything you no longer need. At present, you’ll discover people actually doing things in their garage than just storing stuff.

We have seen a big shift in working habits with all the new technology now available and this has led to more people working from home. There are also lots of people who run their own home based business and need a place to do their work. While it may very well be fine to do your work in a room at home, you may be better off converting your garage into an office. By using the garage, your business location is going to be separate from the personal space while still being at home thus allowing you to focus on your work with no distractions.

There are many folks who have the need for a work space based on the type of business they operate or just because they enjoy do it yourself projects in their spare time. One would be able to build wall mounted shelves and cabinets in the garage to hang up tools and accessories. You will also need to think about how the power tools and workbenches are going to be setup. As soon as your transformation is complete, your garage will become a nice little workshop to do your projects.

When you would rather not visit a fitness center or it is too troublesome to go, then you have the option of setting up a gym in your garage. There are lots of fitness machines you can buy and some of these will take up space at home. If you are limited in space in your place, you may be able to setup the exercise equipment in your garage. Just like a home based job, it is good plan to have a separate area when you exercise so that you can focus on your training.

These are just a few ideas to transform your garage. With any kind of project you do at your home, you want to make sure that you meet regulations and hire certified contractors. Additionally, you will have to have this done when you are making changes to the electrical and heating. After the planning is finalized, you can go ahead and change your garage to something more than a place to park your car.

Don’t Forget When American Vehicles Were The Best

There was clearly a period of time, that was not that long ago, when all you saw on the highways of America were American-made vehicles. After the earliest foreign-made cars started off making their way to the US, it wasn’t that noticeable in the beginning, but now there is a new generation of car buyers, who wouldn’t even think about purchasing an American-made automobile. Issues started to transform the moment Daimler-Benz purchased the Chrysler company.

Not too long ago, the majority of the vehicles that the American car companies put out were being manufactured in other countries. Though these organizations were once solely American, today, these companies are simply profit-seeking multi-national corporations without any consideration for their country of origin. Because of this, those times of all-American built cars are gone forever and don’t even think that they are ever coming back. Although, there have been lots of cut backs, and layoffs in the vehicle industry, on the road today, a little of the spirit of the American car still remains.

You can find still a lot of interest in foreign-made cars and the industry is multi-cultural like the United States itself. Do foreign made vehicles hold the heart and spirit of an American car for those people born in the United States? Numerous Japanese-built cars are highly dependable, solidly built and can go faster than any American car on the market but do they have the grace and style of a Corvette or Viper? For many generations, the only cars that people imagined having were the American muscle cars because of the awesome driving power and strong buy stylish design. When America was once the most prosperous nation, American cars ruled the automobile industry. This was before more fuel-efficient compact foreign cars began to dominate the automobile market.

If you can remember the American performance car of the past, maybe you should get one of those stylish cars, rather than the slick machines of today with their computer controls. It was back during fifties and sixties, when American cars had steel chassis that would hold together, and take years of abuse. Those older cars were much safer and tougher than any lightweight car that’s on the market today. Days gone by of American cars are over, especially with all the panic over fuel efficiency and the environment. They may be collector’s items, nevertheless, you can still notice some of them on the road today, bringing back memories of a bored out V8 engine under the hood.

Everything throughout life needs to evolve and move on and forward. Yet it is wonderful to reminisce about those wonderful cars of the past and think about the first car you ever bought.

There Are Methods To Save On Gas Usage By Driving Smarter

It really is frustrating to drive by a service station and see the price of gasoline. It is certainly a pain when you have to fill your car up with gas. The smartest choice could be to never drive a car but that is not practical for everyone. We can easily assume that the buying price of gas is not going to come down so we need to look for ways to save. Some of the easiest ways for reducing how much gas you use, are actually some of the best. These tips don’t need any mechanical abilities or expertise.

You may be sick and tired of having to pay so much for gas that you want to decrease the amount you spend. The easiest method is to not use your car all the time. If you believe that you simply can’t go anywhere without your car, you must have a little imagination. One way that works for many people is taking advantage of car pools, but you have to find a couple of people who want it to work. Car pools could certainly work for your pocket book, while decreasing the impact on the environment and they have been around for a long time. Usually, carpooling has been for work but when enough people needed to go grocery shopping or needed to attend an event, you can carpool as well. Everybody could take turns driving to school, to a church function or to the shopping mall.

One more really good strategy for saving on gas is to plan your trips, so that you can consolidate your shopping and keep your mileage to an absolute minimum. If you always find yourself going back and forth to the very same place each day, see if you can find a way to do it all in one trip. You really should make an effort to remove unnecessary trips if you can. It is possible to reduce the range of miles you drive when you go shopping if you find the shortest route possible. It might appear like an inconvenience at first however if you keep at it, it will get easier.

You might also save on fuel by not letting your car run when you are stationary. If you are waiting for someone outside their house, or at a mini mart, or any kind of store, you really should turn off your engine. You are simply wasting fuel any time you leave the engine on without driving. Anything you do not have to continue to keep in your car, you can take it out to get rid of the excess weight. Whenever you have too much extra weight, you will see that your gas mileage has gotten less.

To be able to conserve gas, you only need to think before you start driving. You can save money on gas without needing to be home all the time.

3 Usability Mistakes That Will Lower Conversions

There’s reasonable proof that usability mistakes are the most damaging kind to make that can result in going out of business. This is why you have to learn about usability because it’s about how user friendly your site is. If you really wanted to go all out, then you would have your site tested by professionals. Go ahead and Google, website usability, and you’ll come across some fascinating information. You don’t need a lot of money to run tests and buy expensive reports, and you can read this article and get off to a great start.

Even though 404 error pages show up quite a bit, some people are not aware of why they actually appear. A business website usually uses the standard or default 404 error page, which does nothing to make your business better. In most cases, displaying a custom 404 page is in your best interest, something that hosting providers typically allow you to do. Your business can really do much better with your site header on the 404 page. You need to add links to your webpages, the homepage of your primary website, and any other information that you want to. People can go in a particular direction or make choices when you do this. Users can click a link and check your site. Usually they have a little experience with these types of pages. Don’t want to use Javascript? There are many alternatives that are accessible. As you probably know, many people don’t use JS capable browsers (about 10% of all Web surfers). Anyone that has a website should understand what is going into it. If you have a web designer, you should know this already. So if you do have JavaScript on your site, and nonsporting browsers are used to do it, it will really not look good at all. Usually this is a default setting (for security reasons) for browsers that are used. Your site simply won’t be viewed the right way because most web surfers don’t know how to change browser settings. Accordingly, they will go away, looking for another site that can actually be viewed.

For your mobile site version, remember that simple is best and always. By that, avoid complex coding you may be using on your primary site. You can’t do certain things with mobile sites since some major software won’t allow it. And no use of things that pop up or anything like that. Mobile site coding cannot be as robust, for now at least, as non-mobile.

When it comes to preferences when making websites, some usability mistakes will simply never go away. Many of the usability problems that are experienced today will be a thing of the past soon. The Internet is always changing. So you need to remain open and aware of the web environment at all times.

How To Keep Your Sanity As A Parent – Parenting Advice You Need

Are you a parent? If you are, you may not realize how important parenting actually is. The little person that you bring into this world depends on you for everything. Your contribution to society, where you live, is also being made. Raising your child the best way that you can limit the potential outcomes that may occur. You have to make sure your children are responsible when they grow up, which means they need a solid foundation that only you can provide. You need to accomplish this for your child, and there are many approaches that you can succeed with.

Adult children are being forced to live at home because of the economies in all countries, and that isn’t a secret. This presents challenges and pressures on everyone in the household. But for your adult children, this can be very difficult for a host of reasons. Finding employment could be tough if your child has graduated from college. It can be a real emotional situation, because much more is expected from them. This situation can produce feelings of depression or a lack of worth, etc. The best thing you can do is be supportive and actively help with finding a job. Any interview you might have can be ruined by your emotions being negative and powerful. So you need to help your adult child stay positive and proactive.

Parenting personalities come in different types, according to research, and the context you find yourself in, you should think about, because it will be helpful. Unless you are honest with yourself and your parenting skills, your contribution could be quite negative. One of your parenting traits could be that you have a hard time with disciplining your child. The point is that you and your spouse can work together in a synergistic way. It is okay to use complementary approaches, because it is a team effort. Maybe applying discipline is easy for your spouse, but not for you, and maybe there are areas your spouse can’t do but you can. If you are concerned about the welfare of your children, you will want to have this as finely tuned as possible.

Many parents are unaware of certain reactions that their kids will have if they are naturally sensitive to certain chemicals. Then it can become a real mystery and detective work is needed to identify the allergen. To prevent your kids from having potential reactions, keeping as few chemicals as possible in the home is the best idea. If you watch a lot of clothing in the washing machine, or use antistatic sheets with your dryer, this can cause some of these problems. Use more natural soaps and shampoos, and the selection on the market it pretty huge in this area. These adverse allergic reactions can come about due to chemicals, as well as fragrances in products like these.

Sometimes our experiences as children with our parents can cause us to do parenting in a certain way. There are many negative behaviors that tend to go from generation to generation. Some type of break must occur, or else these negative behaviors will continue on through family lines.