Obama’s Tax Tyranny Is Upon Us As Of January – Fight Now!

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English: Official photo of Congressman Jerry McNerney (D–Pleasanton) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many Americans still have no clue at what is about to happen in the United States in 2013. The powers that be in Washington D.C. have done everything possible to collapse the entire system. Here is yet another example of why and how.

Tax tyranny is upon us

You see, while he was ramming through the health care bill, Harry Reid hid in its 2,500 pages of related gibberish, a provision requiring all businesses – big, small and even sole proprietorships – to file a 1099 form reporting every purchase of $600 or more from every vendor – including small purchases adding up to $600 or more. This is complete insanity.

If ever there was a time to stand up for America, the time is now. Every business is about to be attacked by Obama and the IRS. You will have to verify social security and tax id numbers for every $600. This is an absolute total disaster and all a part of the illegal Obama Care that was just signed into law by Obama. It is designed to make the cost of business skyrocket and force you to go out of business or fire employees or lower salaries. Read More

Join us here at the Tea Party CPAC and help us rid our nation of as many Progressives and Marxists in the Democratic Party as possible.

America deserves better.

Help AmeriPAC Take Back Congress and Defeat the following list of 30 Radical Liberals that Conspired Against Voters and Forced ObamaCare on America. We Must Reduce Taxes – Stop Deficit Spending – Balance the Budget – STOP the Cap & Trade Energy Tax and Create Jobs.

AZ-5 Harry Mitchell, AZ-8 Gabrielle Giffords, CA-11 Jerry McNerney, CO-3 John Salazar, CO-4 Betsey Markey, FL-8 Alan Grayson, FL-24 Suzanne Kosmas, ID-1 Walter Minnick, IN-9 Baron Hill, MD-1 Frank Kratovil, MI-7 Mark Schauer, NH-1 Shea-Porter, NJ-3 John Adler, NM-2 Harry Teague, NY-1 Tim Bishop, NY-13 Mike McMahon, NY-19 John Hall, NY-23 Bill Owens, NY-24 Mike Arcuri, ND at large Pomeroy, OH-1 Steve Dreihaus, OH-13 Betty Sutton, OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy, PA-8 Patrick Murphy, PA-11 Paul Kanjorski, SC-5 John Spratt, TX-17 Chet Edwards, WI-8 Steve Kagen, WA -1 Jay Inslee, WV-1 Mollohan

The November 2010 elections are a national referendum on Obama and the Democrats legislative plan to socialize America with a liberal agenda. We must complete the job that Republican Scott Brown’s Senate election in MA started and change the entire balance of power in Washington. WE MUST NOT STOP – WE CANNOT STOP AND GIVE INTO THE CORRUPTION

It will take a national effort to take back Congress. After Scott Brown’s election many people said they wished they could have voted for him but they could not because they did not live in MA. We heard you and AmeriPAC’s nationalized FIRE CONGRESS PETITION campaign will let you vote NOW and is targeting local races with national support that can change the direction of Washington and STOP OBAMA and his big government politicians.

The FIRE CONGRESS PETITION campaign needs your donation to:

* Send Petition FAXES to Congress and Obama and tell them their PINK SLIP is scheduled for November 2010.
* Deliver Pink Slips to Congress and Obama.
* Send you your FIRE CONGESS pink slip stickers to put everywhere.

Tell ALL 261 Democrat/Independent Representatives, Blue Dog Democrats AND Obama Their Pink Slip Is Scheduled For November 2010.
Select Here To – Vote NOW – FAX NOW – FIRE CONGRESS

So what can you do? It’s really very simple. Commit to vote now and often all the way to November with your donations and fax petitions to replace those big government politicians! How do we do it? By sending local conservative Republican candidates the funds they need on a national scale with the support they need from Americans like you. You can vote in every state and every election and help AmeriPAC send support where it is needed to bring real change to America.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat majority used bribes, lies, tricks, threats and the new Democrat policy of mass political destruction to pollute America with the foul stench of Obama’s brand of political change. Obama you can keep that change we do not want it.

It is clear that Democrats are running a government that is broken. To keep themselves in power Democrats have implemented a strategy to divide and conquer conservatives. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrat Congress have rejected American voters and are attacking any conservative opposition and even feeding on the members of their own party. Democrats have failed to govern, becoming true dictators as they lie, cheat and deal away Democracy to push a Progressive Socialist Liberal Agenda. Obama defied voters and betrayed America by ramming ObamaCare through Congress and this is not the change we are looking for. The FIRE CONGRESS PETITION brings conservatives together to nationally support local candidates and take back America.

AmeriPAC’s national effort to stop the destructive power grabs of ObamaCare is now being directed at the November elections. You sent millions of faxes to Congress and they refused to listen. Now WE MUST NOT STOP – WE CANNOT STOP AND GIVE INTO THE CORRUPTION. We need you to donate regularly every week or month with the same commitment to candidates that are listening and help AmeriPAC give the maximum support we can to every candidate that will pledge to take back America.

A nationalized strategy for the November elections will restore control of the House and Senate to the people not politicians. Elections are no longer just local and AmeriPAC is supporting candidates all across the United States to clean up the stench of Washington, DC’s federal corruption.

Vote NOW – Send Your Donation – Clean House Send Any amount – $1000, $500, $100 or even $25 will help us fight the battle to take back Congress.

It’s time we stood up and said enough is enough! VOTE NOW in every state and every election by helping AmeriPAC send support where it is needed.

Please join us with your AmeriPAC donation TODAY. Thank you.

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